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Un-Limited You

The “Un-Limited You” program

Free yourself from limiting symptoms and beliefs and become truly un-limited from within with this intense 28-day program. 

This short “Un-limited You” program addresses the specific issue/symptom/behaviour you struggle with the most. Not only do we get to understand the root of the problem. We also transform it to enhance the liberating long-lasting result you are looking for, combining Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) with intensive follow-up & coaching.

What's in it for you?

This program includes 5 key-segments:

1) Investigating your symptoms and issues.

We have an individual intake where we pinpoint the exact result you want from this short but transformational program.

We set you up for success from the start.

2) Identifying the root cause.

Through hypnosis, a deep state of relaxation while still in control, we access your deepest hidden feelings and memories in your subconscious mind. By asking specific questions, we gain insight into the root, the cause and the reason for your current issues, patterns and behaviour.

3) Interrupting the subconscious pattern.

With safe, powerful, proven techniques, we interrupt those subconscious programs and make those limiting beliefs outdated as they no longer serve you and become irrelevant or necessary. We eradicate and eliminate them to set you free.

4) Installing positive self-belief.

The subconscious mind is extraordinarily receptive to new programming during hypnosis, so we take advantage of that by instilling positive suggestions about ourselves and the world. These have an immediate impact.

5) Intensifying your liberating process.

You get a personal recording tailored to the new programming you commit to listening to for 21 days. Through repetition, your new belief system becomes a part of you. We enhance the transformation with continuous support, follow-up, and intensive extra coaching sessions.

Of course, we evaluate your journey at the end of the program.

We help you with:

Mental health:

– Low self-esteem and self-confidence

– Anxiety

– Stress and overload

– Fear of failure and PTSD

– Addictive behaviour such as eating disorders, drinking, etc

Mental strength:

– Goals, mission and motivation

– Procrastination and self-sabotage

– Success mindset

Physical health:

– Acceleration of the healing process

– Pain control

– Immunity and physical issues

Emotional health:

– Burn-out and emotional breakdown

– Lack of self-love

– Relationship problems

Financial health:

– Money blocks

– Business or career success

Some testimonials from clients

who had amazing understandings and transformations during this short program:

"RTT has proven to be the single most powerful tool on my self-development journey.

It confronts you with facts, the critical moment that changed your life and is not necessary for the better. It allows you to face these life-changing issues head-on, deal with them, move through them, and let them go. Not always easy, but a necessity for a life with an upward trajectory.

RTT is a very personal form of therapy, a soul-bearing experience, but I never felt vulnerable or exposed.

This, I contribute to Danielle. Not only is she excellent in her field, but she is also trustworthy. She will provide the support you need during and after your sessions.

 Thank you, Danielle, for helping me change my life."

Johann Ilgenfritz Founder & CEO – UK Health Radio Network

"I have known about the RTT method for years. Yet, I have never encountered an RTT practitioner whom I trusted and felt safe enough to let myself be put under hypnosis.

When I realized Danielle is an RTT therapist, I knew I had found MY therapist.

I wasn't mistaken. Danielle takes time when she speaks with you. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to her work and will ensure that you thrive during the RTT 28-day-long journey.

I felt safe, heard, seen, and supported during every trajectory step. And I got the results I wanted: the rapid transformation of my inner state, which I had been struggling to change already for years. I highly recommend working with Danielle and RTT.

Thank you, Danielle!"

Tamara R

"Dear Danielle, thank you so much for your help with solving my physical issues related to impactful experiences in my childhood.

I recommend Danielle as an RTT therapist because Danielle made me feel very comfortable and showed a sincere interest in me and my issue.

Danielle guided me step by step in understanding the root cause of my issue.

She tailored the Unlimited You program to my exact needs. Danielle was super patient, and by asking the right questions, I got immense clarity on how those experiences impacted me, even today.

 Now that I have this clarity and the right tools, I can change my life and stop having those physical issues."

Guan F

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