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Em-Powered You

The "Em-Powered You" program

Are you ready to unlock your self-worth and become truly em-powered from within?

Our 4-month program is designed to help you improve your inner strength and conscious self-care practice. This coaching & mentoring program, combined with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™), provides you with the necessary skills and strategies to shift out of your stress & struggle. As a result, you will step into your birthright and claim your self-worth to become more resilient and confident in business and life.

This program is for you if:

• You already have a level of success but feel somehow stuck or in survival modus.

• You struggle to put yourself first and set boundaries.

• Deep down, you feel not worthy enough.

• You are good at helping and saving others but not yourself.

What’s in it for you:

We help you to stop surviving and take charge of your own life. This journey towards conscious self-care and authenticity will impact every area of your life and career.

This program includes:

• Amazing teachings, tools and insights during the whole period to empower you and your business and life.

• You get individual coaching, mentoring and accountability to keep you on track and get the best results.

• One “Un-limited You” program is inclusive, making the journey more transformational.

Please note: we genuinely care about you and your empowering journey, as we believe true success is an inside job. Don't wait any longer to unlock your self-worth and step into your true potential. Join our program today and become the best version of yourself.

Some testimonials from clients

who had amazing understandings and transformations during this program:

Before working with Danielle, I was scared and uncertain, and my anxiety held me back from connecting with people. But Danielle's guidance helped me break down my walls and discover self-love. Her exercises and positive perception shifted my perspective on the world and on myself.

Now, I have clear goals and wishes, and I believe in who I am. I'm no longer held back by worry, and life is an exciting journey. People have noticed the change in me, and it feels great. Danielle taught me to have faith in the universe and to trust in myself.

I'm worth it! Thank you, Danielle

Sabine VD; entrepreneur

I was struggling with my mental health, trying to build my business as a single Mum. When my business coach sent me Danielle's book, I started to heal and learn about self-care and self-love. I reached out to Danielle for help, and since then, my confidence and productivity have grown, and my low moods are in check.

Life-changing is an understatement for my experience with Danielle. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their life

Sian M, UK, Dogtrainer

Danielle helped me make a breakthrough in my happiness. Her coaching and RTT session gave me a different perspective on my life, and I learned to believe in myself and love. Through this journey, I started speaking positively to myself, which has helped me in both my professional and personal life. Thanks to the methods she taught me, I'm now more independent and have met the love of my life.

Danielle's personal coaching makes a real difference, and her book is excellent. Thank you, Danielle, for making a difference in my life. It was worth the investment.

Lili B

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